The PIXEL-5 XL CAD Renders are here and the Camera module looks as “Surprised” as we are!

There is still a long time left for Pixel-5 Smartphones to hit the market. But the Leaks already started to pour down. Just a couple of days ago Tech-Youtuber Jon Prosser (Not to be confused with Processor or Mike Posner) got us our first look at what is said to be one of the three prototypes for Pixel-5 and it looked “awfully Impressive”, Let me clear this phrase – As you can see the Camera Bump is huge as shown in the rendered image, But on the flip side – Things are looking really impressive. There is an inclusion of a third lens on the Pixels this year. As per the sources, that third camera is going to be an UltraWide lens.

All the previous Pixels were missing this lens on the back. This is a great approach to earn back the market share that Pixel lost due to its poor selling performance last year. The Pixel-4’s had great specs overall, But the battery life with that 90Hz panel was horrible and that huge forehead was just too 2018sh.

There is another fact confirmed by John Posner Jon Prosser – That huge forehead is staying for the Pixel-5’s as well, If it was a deal breaker for you to buy Pixel-4, then Pixel-5 is not gonna be anything that will change your mind.

I hope Pixel 5 will turn things back for Google, but these incoming leaks are depicting the same story as last year. Pixels are great phones, but the innvovation after Pixel – 2 is just moving at snail’s pace.

Google is still trying to cut down on bezels and integration of UltraWide lens, wheras its competitors are already selling flips phones better than the sales of last year pixels.

Google should really come up with some advancements in their smartphones otherwise each year Google is striking nails to its Pixel Phone’s coffin.

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